Sunday, June 5, 2011

Microsoft Office, Word Toolbars

Toolbars are set of icons that let you access several of the most common Word commands with a click of mouse button without needing to go into any of the menus. The Standard and Formating toolbars are display just below the menu bar by default. Other toolbars can be displayed by choosing them from the toolbar submenu in the VIEW  menu list. The selected toolbar icons, like changing their size, colour, hiding tool tips, and also creating your own customized toolbar collection.

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General MS Word Toolbars

When you display other toolbars, they either appear stacked in the order you display them or float on screen like small windows. Toolbars when stacked under the Menu bar are termed as 'anchored' , and while appearing as small windows are called 'floating' toolbars.An anchor toolbar can be changed into a floating one and vice versa. To displayed. You can also double click  the background of a toolbar to change it to the background of the toolbar to change it to the floating state. To anchor a toolbar, drag it just below the menu bar or double click in the background of the toolbar or title bar.

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